Fairfield County Sheriff's Office
Registered Sex Offenders

On January 1, 2008 Ohio’s Sex Offender Registration laws changed.  Ohio became one of the first states in the nation to adopt the provisions of the Adam Walsh Act.  The Adam Walsh Act was passed and signed into federal law in 2006.  It required states to implement the provisions and guidelines of the Adam Walsh Act or risk losing federal block grant money.  The intent of the Adam Walsh Act is to provide a universal method of determining sex offender classifications and the requirements of those classifications in all states nationwide.

The Adam Walsh Act replaces previous sex offender classification designations such as Sexual Predator, or Sexually Oriented Offender, with Tier classification designations.  The Tier classification designations for sex offenders are determined by the criminal offense or offenses the offender was convicted of.  The Adam Walsh Act was retroactive and included the re-classification of all sex offenders previously convicted as well as determining the classification of all sex offenders convicted in the future.

The County Sheriff is responsible under Ohio law for the registration of sex offenders.  Sex offenders must register with the County Sheriff on scheduled periodic bases, which is determined by their sex offender Tier classification.  In addition, sex offenders must register with the County Sheriff any change of residential address, place of employment, or enrollment in a school or institution of higher education.

For a list of registered sex offenders in Fairfield County, click here.

Dep. Shad Axe has been a member of the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office since May of 1995  and has worked in many areas of the Sheriff’s office such as Jail Bureau, Patrol Bureau, Detective Bureau, and was a member of the S.W.A.T. team for 10 years.

Dep. Axe first started in SORN in 2003 as a part-time assistant and assisted with SORN till 2008.  In November of 2017 Deputy Axe returned to assume SORN operations full-time.

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The Tier Classifications system requirements are as follows: