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Main Office
  P: 740-652-7900
Main Jail
  221 East Main Street
  Lancaster, Ohio 43130
  P: 740-652-7240
Minimum Security Jail
  342 W. Wheeling Street
  Lancaster, Ohio 43130
  P: 740-652-7300
Detective/Civil Bureau
  108 North High Street
  Lancaster, Ohio 43130

  P: 740-652-7331
  P: 740-652-7320

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Sheriff's Office: Jail Bureau
Fairfield County
Main Jail
221 East Main Street
Lancaster, OH 43130
P: 740-652-7240
Minimum Security Jail
342 West Wheeling Street
Lancaster, OH 43130
P: 740-652-7300

P: 740-652-7256  Jail Lieutenant 
P: 740-652-7243  Shift Supervisor’s Office 
P: 740-652-7240  Booking Desk 
P: 740-652-7247  Medical Office 
P: 740-652-7244  Information/Lobby Officer 
P: 740-407-5331  Jail Chaplain 
P: 740-652-7310  Jail Annex 
P: 740-652-7311  Jail Annex Supervisor 
Lt. Churchill was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant August of 2012 and has supervised on 1st and 2nd shift Patrol, the Violet Twp. substation, 1st shift Jail and was the supervisor of the Communications Bureau for over six years.
Lt. Marc Churchill has been a member of the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office since September 1992 and has worked in many areas of the Sheriff’s office such as Communications Bureau, Patrol Bureau, Jail Bureau, Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) and Community Services as a DARE Officer.
Main Jail
The Main Jail is located at 221 East Main Street in Lancaster.  This facility was built in 1966 and is a medium - maximum level security facility.  All male prisoners charged with violent and serious offenses are booked and housed in this facility. The average inmate population for the Main St. Jail was approximately 73 inmates in 2014.  This is a decrease from the 2013 average of 85 inmates. This facility's maximum rated capacity set by the state is 27 prisoners.

Due to design of the facility there isn't any recreational or programming space for prisoners.  Attorney's, mental health counselors and psychologists, detectives and other criminal justice professionals needing to meet with or interview prisoners must do so in a holding cell in the booking area.  Prisoner meals are transported from the MSJ to the Main Jail three times a day due to the lack of any kitchen facilities at the Main Jail. 

The Main Jail also contains administrative offices for the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Jail Administrator, sex offender registration officer, pay-to-stay coordinator, jail shift supervisor, evidence room & clerk, maintenance and community policing officer.

Jail Annex
Located at 5955 Revenge Rd, SW Lancaster, Ohio 43130. This facility was formerly known as Camp Reams when operated by the prison (SCI). This facility was leased by the county from the Ohio Dept. of Corrections in September of 2011 due to overcrowding in the other two county jail facilities located in Lancaster. This makes the third jail facility that the Sheriff's Office operates for adult county prisoners. The Jail Annex is located on the prison grounds of the Southeastern Correctional Institution (SCI), approximately 200 yards past the main entrance to SCI. The facility was used most recently by the prison as a boot camp for state prisoners confined at SCI. The building became available after the boot camp program was discontinued several years ago. This facility can house up to 80 non-violent low risk prisoners.

Minimum Security Jail (MSJ)
The Minimum Security Jail (MSJ) is located at 342 West Wheeling Street in Lancaster.  This facility houses both male and female prisoners in separate open dorm style housing units.  When the weather permits and under the direct supervision of a jail officer, prisoners are permitted to exercise in the fenced-in outdoor recreation area that is adjacent to the building.

The average inmate population for the Jail Annex was approximately 65 inmates in 2014.  This is a decrease from the 2013 average of 74 inmates.

The average male inmate population for the MSJ was approximately 26 inmates whereas the average female inmate population for the MSJ was approximately 55 inmates.  This is a decrease from the 2013 average of 40 male inmates and 74 female inmates.

The Jail Bureau processed approximately 4,414 Bookings in 2014, a decrease from the 4,834 Bookings processed in 2013.  The average 2014 length of stay of a male inmate was approximately 27 days whereas the average 2014 length of stay of a female inmate was approximately 23 days. This is a decrease in the average lengths of stay; in 2013 the average length of stay for a male inmate was approximately 30 days and for a female inmate approximately 26 days.

Prisoner Information
Visitation Regulations
All visitation for prisoners is conducted at the MSJ facility at 342 West Wheeling Street, Lancaster. Visitation with prisoners is conducted through a monitor system referred to as video visitation.

If you want to visit a prisoner you need to go to the Minimum Security Jail located at 342 West Wheeling St. in Lancaster.  Visitors are requested to check in with the deputy assigned to Central Control.  Visitors must provide a photo ID.  After the deputy has checked your ID, you will be directed to one of nine (9) visitation booths located next to the lobby area.  You will visit the prisoner via a video monitor.

Prisoners are permitted one (1) thirty minute or two (2) fifteen minute visits each week.  Visitation is open seven (7) days a week from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm.  Visitation is suspended during lunch (10:30 am to 12:00 pm) and dinner meals (5:00 pm to 6:30 pm).

Visitation for prisoners who are Inmate Workers are as follows:  Main Jail - Sunday from 12:00 noon until 3:00 pm.  MSJ - Seven (7) days a week following the above schedule.  Visitation for inmate workers assigned to the Main St. Jail will be held at the Main St. Jail.  Visitation for inmate workers assigned to the MSJ will be held at the MSJ facility.

Depositing Funds

Money can be deposited on an inmate's account by using a kiosk machine that is in the lobby of the Minimum Security Jail 342 W. Wheeling St., Lancaster. The kiosk machine operates by a touch screen and is very user friendly.

The kiosk machine will accept cash money in denominations of $5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills or a credit or debit bank card.  The kiosk machine will NOT accept $1.00 dollar bills or coins.  Money orders can be mailed to inmates.

Money can also be deposited onto an inmate's account without having to come to the jail by calling a toll free number or via the internet.  The toll free number is 866-345-1884. To deposit money using a credit or debit bank card over the internet, the web address is www.inmatedeposits.com.


The Fairfield County Sheriff's Office has collect telephones in all housing units within the detention facilities.  The following information is being provided due to the number of questions concerning what to do when you have a problem receiving phone calls from inmates.

The inmate phone system is provided and maintained by Evercom Systems Inc.; services and billing information is handled by Correctional Billing Services.  They may be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by any of the following means:

1-800-844-6591 / Phone
customer_service@correctionalbillingservices.com / Email
www.correctionalbillingservices.com  / Website

Prisoners may receive letters and photographs (NO Polaroid's) as long as the photographs are not sexually explicit or contain nudity. To write to a prisoner use the following address: (prisoner’s name), Fairfield County Jail, 221 E. Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130.

For persons ordered by the court to report to jail to serve a sentence, the following information is being provided so that you will understand where to report and what you need to bring and not bring.

If you are ordered by the court to report to jail to serve a commitment (jail sentence), the offense you have been convicted of and sentenced to jail will determine which location you will need to report to.  The jai consists of two separate facilities.


Minimum Security Jail (MSJ):  Located at 342 West Wheeling Street in Lancaster.  Phone number:  740-652-7300.  All female defendants regardless of the type of offense or charge you were convicted of report to this facility.  Only male defendants convicted of non-violent offense (theft, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, etc.)

Main Street Jail:  Located at 221 East Main Street in Lancaster.  Phone number:  740-652-7240.  Only male defendants convicted of an violent offense are to report to this facility.

Jail Annex:  Located six miles south of Lancaster approximately 200 yards past the prison (Southeastern Correctional Institution). Mailing address is 5955 Revenge Rd, SW, Lancaster, Ohio 43130. Phone contact: 740-652-7310 Officers Desk. 740-652-7311 Supervisor.

Reporting Time: It is your responsibility to report to the jail at the time ordered by the sentencing judge.  Your reporting date and time will be listed on the court ordered commitment paperwork.  If you have an emergency which causes your to be late to report, you should still report to the jail as ordered even though you are late.  You will not be turned away if you are late.  Late arrivals will be reported to the sentencing court and may result in your release being extended.

Identification: You will need to bring a government photo identification and health insurance or medical card with you when you report to the jail.

Clothing: While in jail you will be issued jail clothing. You may bring with you 2- white t-shirts, 2-pair white underwear and 2-pair of white socks. Prisoners who have been arrested and confined in Jail less than seven (7) days may receive the following clothing from family or friends:

* Two (2) pair of white socks
* Two (2) pair of white t-shirts; and
* Two (2) pair of underwear/panties

Money: You will be permitted to purchase food and hygiene items through the jail commissary. Commissary is only ordered on Monday and delivered on Wednesday. If you are serving only a weekend, do not bring money with you.

Medications: If you are currently taking prescription medications, you may bring them with you. All prescriptions will be verified by the jail medical staff before you will be able to receive them.

Contraband: It is a FELONY for any person who attempts to convey drugs, weapons or intoxicating liquor into a jail.  Any person found attempting to smuggle or who successfully conveys illegal contraband into the jail will criminally charged as allowed under Ohio Revised Code section 2921.36.  Illegal contraband includes any weapons, dangerous ordnance, drugs of abuse, intoxicating liquor or cash money.  The jail is a non smoking facility.  Prisoners are prohibited from possessing any tobacco products or lighting materials (matches, lighters).  Attempts to smuggle tobacco, lighters, matches etc. into the jail will result in the prisoner being charged with violating the jail's Prisoner Rules of Conduct.  Prisoners found guilty of will face disciplinary action that may result in confinement in isolation or loss of privileges.

Food Service
The jail kitchen is managed by Aramark, a private food service contractor.  All prisoner meals are prepared on site in the jail kitchen.  The kitchen is located at the Minimum Security Jail at 342 W. Wheeling Street. Meals for prisoners housed at the Main Jail (221 E. Main) are prepared on special covered trays and transported from the MSJ to the Main Jail.

Prisoners are provided nutritious meals three times a day. The kitchen uses a five week menu cycle that is certified by a licensed nutritionist. Each month the kitchen staff prepares over 10,000 meals.

Health Care
Medical services for prisoners at the jail operate under the medical license and supervision of a certified licensed physician. Assisting the jail physician with the medical care are a full time registered nurse and two part time licensed practical nurses (LPN). All prisoners have access 24 hours a day to emergency medical care. Prisoners who need emergency medical treatment are immediately transported by rescue squad to the Fairfield Medical Center. Prisoners experiencing a non-emergency medical problem that want to see the medical staff are required to fill out a sick call form before seeing the jail physician. The jail physician holds sick call for prisoners several times each week. Medications are distributed to the prisoners four times each day by jail staff at regularly scheduled times. All medications brought to the jail by family members or friends of prisoners and medications received from prisoners during their booking-intake process are screened by the jail medical staff prior to being distributed to a prisoner.

Fingerprint Machine
The jail uses the newest digital technology available to fingerprint prisoners. This technology allows identification of persons in one-tenth the amount of time that was required by the old manual fingerprinting methods.

Jail Booking Computer System
Purchased in 2002 this jail booking computer system (named JAMIN) replaced an older computer system that was very limited in what it could do compared to the many options available today with the newer computerized booking systems. This system enables jail staff to digitally photograph prisoners for identification purposes, generate a wide variety of reports, produce photo lineups and produce photos of prisoners which are laminated on their identification wristbands. The prisoner’s commissary program is also in this system.

Video Arraignments

In cooperation and coordination with both the Municipal and Common Pleas Courts, the jail staff conducts video arraignments for misdemeanor cases at 9:00 am and felony cases at 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The use of video arraignments is a valuable tool which saves both time and money and greatly reduces the security and safety risks involved in transporting prisoners out of the jail to their court arraignments.

Court Security

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Court Security Detail is responsible for security of the Fairfield County Hall of Justice and County Commissioners Building. The normal hours of operation for the Hall of Justice are 7:00 am - 6:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays and 7:00 am - 5 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. All persons entering the Hall of Justice are required to remove all objects from their pockets and walk through a metal detector. All packages and carry-type bags are sent through an x-ray machine. The security checks are required to maintain the safety and welfare of all who enter these buildings. The Court Security Detail also maintains a roving patrol at irregular intervals through these buildings.

Educational Classes
Educational classes are held on Monday and Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm each week for prisoners at the Minimum Security Jail (MSJ). An instructor from the Fairfield County Adult Education Department teaches the class. The classes are free of charge to any minimum security prisoner staying at the MSJ facility.

The classes are designed to improve the reading and math skills of the prisoners, as well as assist them in attaining their G.E.D. certificate.

Drug and Alcohol Programming
AA Counselors currently hold group meetings on Tuesday evenings for female prisoners and Wednesday evenings for male prisoners.

Available on a case by case basis to be determined by the Jail Administrator.

Jail Chaplain
You may contact the Jail Chaplain, Tom Underwood, by calling 740-407-5331 or for more information go to the Jail Ministry website at: www.fairfieldcountyjailministries.org

Reentry Coalition
The Fairfield County Reentry Coalition was developed in May of 2010 to address the needs of offenders returning to our community from prison or jail. Fairfield County Job & Family Services was awarded a grant to develop a coalition of social service agencies, law enforcement, community members, faith based groups, and ex-offenders with the common goal of keeping our community safe.

Mission: Building a safer community and reducing recidivism in Fairfield County by providing evidence based models of successful reentry through social service agencies, citizens, law enforcement and ex-offenders re-entering Fairfield County from an institution or jail.

Vision: Creating a safer community and productive citizens by offering an opportunity for social service agencies, law enforcement, businesses, ex-offenders, and citizens of Fairfield County to join together and develop a strategic plan to reduce recidivism in Fairfield County.

To learn more about the Reentry Coalition visit: www.fcjfs.org/com-re

Fairfield County ADAMH:  The Harold Rodgers Prescription Drug Monitoring Grant

Fairfield County is one of many communities in Ohio battling the epidemic of prescription drug use. The ADAMH Board, in collaboration with a large group of community partners, has extensively documented the impact of prescription drug use and worked hard to educate the community about the severity of this problem.  Because of our commitment to this cause, we were excited to be asked by the National Center for State Courts to co-write a grant application to the Department of Justice for funds available through the Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. 

Because of our efforts and the enthusiastic support from the local community, we were awarded this 18 month grant in October, 2013. With these funds the ADAMH Board will be able to hire additional staff for treatment, prevention, and monitoring use of prescription drugs in Fairfield County.  Specifically we can employ one full-time substance abuse counselor to work at the jail and 1½ additional prevention specialists to work in the community (schools, businesses, etc.) in the area of prescription drug abuse prevention, as well as one full-time data analyst.  One of our contract agencies, The Recovery Center, will partner with the ADAMH Board to provide clinical and prevention services.  The National Center for State Courts will continue to be involved in this project by providing technical assistance and program evaluation, including enhancing data collection, reporting, and mapping relevant community drug-related data.

We are sincerely grateful to the National Center for State Courts for their assistance and to community supporters who made this possible. We are hopeful that the increase in data gathering and reporting efforts will enrich our on-going programs in the community to combat prescription drug abuse.

To learn more about the services provided by the Fairfield County ADAMH visit: www.fairfieldadamh.org
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