Letter from Sheriff Dave Phalen
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Our office works hard to make significant improvements in our county in order to continue to make Fairfield County a great place to live and raise a family. My office is committed to making our neighborhoods safer. By doing so, we will improve the quality of life for individuals and families, both young and old. It is imperative that we seek new ways to reduce the negative influences that crime has on children and to help safeguard the elderly. Our approach has been three-fold.
Integrity  Commitment to Excellence   Community Involvement 

Serving the citizens of Fairfield County has been an exciting and rewarding time for me. I appreciate all the support you have given to the Sheriff's Office. It is true that together we can make a difference, now and in the future.   
     Sheriff Dave Phalen

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Our Mission

The mission of the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office is to provide the highest level of professional law enforcement service to the citizens of Fairfield County. We are committed to public safety by protecting and enhancing the quality of life, upholding all laws, preserving the peace, and preventing crimes while protecting the constitutional rights of all those we serve. We will perform our duties with compassion and integrity, while maintaining high ethical and moral conduct at all times. We will establish a reputation for responsiveness, competency, decisiveness, and equality, which will inspire confidence in the Sheriff's Office for all residents of Fairfield County.